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# XinYaTang studio

Established in 2021.

The designer graduated from Shih Chien University - Department of Fashion Design, and majored in designing and garment construction. Instead of catching up with the current fashion trends, XinYaTang keep complicated patterns and lines out of her work, dedicated on the details of garments, focused on the beauty of the craftsmanship. From XinYaTang’s collection, we can see her design with no seasonal frames, and she believes that when people wear and experienced the texture and shape of the clothes, will complete the garment itself.


“Clothes are like our second skin, we wear them almost 24 hours. A well-made garment is a work of craftsmanship that allows you to appreciate the lasting details. In the current world of fashion, the craftsmanship and skill of dressmaking is often overlooked or compromised, yet crafts are so close to our everyday life, that one may be able to choose and live more perceptively with a clothing that we want to spend time with.”


Believing that clothing, crafted under both tangible and intangible considerations, can convey the spirit imbued within at the moment it is touched and worn. Whether in garment making or other fields of craftsmanship, what creators make is not merely the object itself, but a fleeting light that awakens the restrained beauty within our hearts.



Dedicated to returning to the state of harmony between humans and nature, we select skin-friendly natural fabrics, and our use and tailoring also adhere to the spirit of resource conservation. The fabrics that arrive here and enter the manufacturing process do so without waste, living up to our own standards, and showing our gratitude for the gifts bestowed by the Earth.


XinYaTang studio operates on a model of small-batch production and order-based customization, departing from the conventional ready-to-wear manufacturing chain. The designer independently handles the pattern making, fabric selection, and sample sewing, and collaborates with local experienced tailors for further production.


Compared to the excessive compression of work quality and wages in mass production at ready-to-wear manufacturing factories, XinYaTang studio, through a more transparent cooperation process, ensures that local tailors receive fair compensation, while also guaranteeing the final quality of the clothing produced.

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